Pissed-Off Grannies and the ERA

Lyrics by: Ellen Canavan, Chris Carlson, and Jade Dell
Gaggle: Triangle (North Carolina)
Tune: Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds
Date Written or Updated: 01/17/2023

Pissed-Off Grannies and the ERA

We raging grannies are here today
To ask you about the ERA.
So just listen and help us find out
Why we still don’t have it yet:

In 1923, Alice Paul did say:
“We women don’t have equal rights today.”
So, she wrote down an amendment 
That we call the ERA.

But the old men in the Congress 
Who’d been in charge since the dinosaurs…
When they saw it, they said no thanks  —
We like it fine this way!

So, it sadly sat until the 70’s, 
When Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Steinem, 
Bella Abzug, and Betty Friedan 
Said that we can really win!

That starts a movement for equal rights 
Though critics called it “Women’s Lib” —
And didn’t like it when we burned our bras!
But most women wanted in!

It was ratified by 36 states —
Despite right-wing Phyllis Schlafly 
Spreading lies about bathrooms [speak: “sound familiar?”]
And doors slamming in our face.

We are saying, “Hear the people roar 
In numbers too big to ignore”!
Who’s afraid of woman power?
The patriarchy must fall!

Don’t be thinking of telling us to wait!
It’s already been 100 years to date! 
It’s now ratified by 38 states.
So let’s make it happen now!

[Shout: “Equal Rights Amendment Now!!!”]