Political Prisoners (My Country Isn’t Free)

Lyrics by: Corrine Wingler
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: My Country ‘Tis of Thee/ God Save the Queen
Date Written or Updated: 2019

My country isn’t free.
Where is democracy? We protest now.
Whistleblowers in U.S.A. Are punished for their say.
But they expose our moral decay
They remain unbowed.

Julian Assange was right. He brought emails to light,
He’s been hunted since.
Finally he was caught; the UK can deport
Him to our country’s evil court
Let freedom ring.

And Chelsea Manning’s fate for helping circulate
U.S. Secret acts.
She was condemned to jail; she’s back there without bail,
She’s punished for her true details;
Let freedom ring.

Now Edward Snowden’s next
He spread more secret texts. He’s in exile.
My country isn’t free; where is our Liberty?
We must now call to you and me