Put the Foodbank Out of Business

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Put the foodbank out of business
Raise the welfare rates
Stop the cuts to the disabled
We don’t appreciate
Seeing childen going hungry
Parent’s struggling
Family homes with empty cupboards
Poor, (but still working).
In the meantime won’t you give?
Food to feed our own?
Peanut butter, jam, spam
Any food that’s known
Juice,cheese, beans and tuna
Any food that’s gonne
Feed the folks to need to eat right now!
Someone’s in the kitchen with [Harris] (Insert governmental person’s name here)
Someone must be in there, I know, I know,
Something must be keeping [him] from seeing
Welfare rates are just too low
[He’s] saying – “Foodbanks-we’ll just let them grow.
Homeless-we’ll ignore them, oh, ho,
Forget – people on the dole
Knocking on the foodbank door.”

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