Radical Environmentalists (The Original Version)

Lyrics by: Kay Thode
Gaggle: Seattle
Tune: She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain
Date Written or Updated: 2000 (?)

Oh, we’re radical environmentalists,
We’re radical environmentalists,
We like clean air and clean water,
Just like the farmer’s daughter.
We’re radical environmentalists!

Oh, we like our veggies without pesticides,
And our meat without those hormones placed inside
We like fish without PCBs,
And forests that still have some trees,
We’re radical environmentalists!

We like automobiles that do not pollute,
And we like guns that simply cannot shoot,
We like lawns grown without Weed N Feed,
We don’t like that gene-spliced seed,
We’re radical environmentalists!

So join these radical environmentalists,
Who want wind power and electric cars,
Recycle all your glass and paper,
And you can tell your maker,
You’re a radical environmentalist!