Save Canada

Lyrics by: Wolfville Grans
Gaggle: Wolfville
Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel

Canada’s in trouble these daysThe future’s getting darker
Grannies now ask people to vote
NO to Stephen Harper.
He has a plan for Canada
That benefits the wealthy
It ruins the environment
His cuts make us unhealthy.

Canada’s statistical data
Helps plan social programs
It tells us who needs government help
“Cut” said Stephen Harper.
Conservatives don’t want us to know
How their policies affect us
They axed the longer census form
To quash reliable data.

Cows and chicks on prison farms
Supplied some healthy food there
Supplied the cons with meaningful work
“Cut” said Stephen Harper.
Prisons will become a cash cow
For giant corporations
Privatizing costs us more
And undermines our nation.

KAIROS needed CIDA funds
For in-ter-na-tion-al aid work
After months of promises
NOT said Bev Oda.
Contempt for social justice work
From the Harper government
Is followed up by more contempt
For questions asked in Parliament.

It’s time to stop the dirty campaigns
The future’s getting darker
Make the Parliament function again (pause)
Vote NOT Stephen Harper.