Say NO to the Bus Garage

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Rochester
Tune: Roll Out The Barrel

Follow the money to see why this bus station’s planned.
Follow the money, and then we will all understand

Why we have projects that don’t really serve us one bit!

The RTA’s friends reap the profits,

While the poor folks take the hit.

These kinds of projects don’t create new jobs that will last.

They’re good for the builders, but not for the real working class.

We need new schooools, and we need new hospitals, too!

We don’t need their underground station —

A diesel-spewing whoopdedoo!

We want bus service that goes to the places we go.

We need new buses with routing that isn’t so slow.

We need bus shelters at places where folks have to stand.

We need buses running more often,

To give folks a helping hand.

We don’t need the traffic and buildings torn down to the ground,

Eroding our tax base — that doesn’t seem awfully sound!

We’re here to tell you, this bus station isn’t the way!

We want some real county planning!

Let the people have their say!