Song for the Homeless

Lyrics by: Nancy Hatcher and Kay Pitts
Gaggle: Fresno
Tune: Solidarity Forever

We stand upon the corner but the cars go right on by
We see the people looking watching us but they avoid our eyes

We hold out signs, hope for a coin, for food and for supplies

But the people think we lie.

I’m not afraid to work, you see;  I’ve worked most of my life.

But I fell upon some hard times and now all I know is strife

The doors keep closing in my face; I haven’t got a chance

To hold up my head with pride


Glory, Glory Hallelujah

We know how to stick it to you

We’ll take all your possessions and we’ll drive you all away

And you’ll just disappear.


I’m worried about my family; my kids live in a car

My wife cries every day and night; no money in the jar.

We live on change and handouts from some people we don’t know

And we just don’t get very far.

We stand quietly and wait our turn at soup lines in the park

We’re grateful for the food and clothes and stay until it’s dark

And then we turn and slowly make our wayback to our tarp

And we feel that life’s not fair.

We go to bed each night and lie awake ‘cuz we can’t sleep

Not knowing if our tentsand tarps will be put in the street

It’s freezing cold, it’s raining hard or sweltering in the heat,

It’s impossible to sleep.


Mine eyes have seen the ‘dozers as they come on down the street

We really can’t believe it ‘cuz we’re barely on our feet.

The dump trucks simply haul away the few things that we own,

And we’re homeless once again.

We’d like to have a real bed so that we can safely sleep

A roof to shelter all of us, some water and some heat

A shower would be wonderful, I wouldn’t feel so beat.

If I just had a place to call home.


We don’t like your Hallelujah!
And we know how to stick it to ya’!
We’ll ‘doze you out of office when we’re in the voting booth,
And you’ll just disappear!