Song of the Billionaires for Fee Hikes

If you can’t pay tuition
We have got a tip for you
Just go and sell a kidney
You need only one not two

We only like the students
Who can pay up front with dough
If you don’t have the money
Sorry kid you’ll have to go

Kidneys are a good re-source
You need just one to live
We won’t have to pay more tax
You will be the one to give…..for

Learning is not important
Poor folks do not count we say
We will import trained workers
Let some other country pay!

See photo journal of the Action League (San Francisco Bay Area) Raging Grannies as Billionaires for Fee Hikes as they appeared on the steps of San Francisco City Hall on March 4, 2010. On this national day of student strikes, tens of thousands were on the streets in the SF Bay Area.

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