Statistical Polls

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: The Seine

(Those dollar store false nose-glasses combos are good to use when speaking in the voices of the opposition – the rich, as in this song, or the government. Whip them out for the right verse. Gag stores often have adult size ones with bad teeth and warts – very useful!)
Chorus: The polls, the polls
Answering the polls
Who are they, questioning?
For statistics that we read of
In the press:
1) The poor are hard to question
Haven’t got a phone
Don’t answer calls or talk much
But then, fewer of them lately
Have a home.
2) The rich have just been shopping
The very latest phones
‘Oh yeah, we’re happy campers.
To those who have – they give
They’re quite the guys…’