Step We Gaily

Lyrics by: Catherine Verrall Regina, Sask grans
Gaggle: Regina
Tune: Mairi’s Wedding

Step we gaily down the streetWalking fitness can’t be beat
Basic transport is our feet
Walking through the world-o

V2) Step we gaily through the town
Notice all the sights around
Eyes look up and eyes look down
Walking through the world -o

V3) Sep we gaily down the road
Neighbours nod and say hello
Conversations as we go
Walking through the world-o

V4) Step we gaily on the trail
Hear the birds and tree winds wail
Season’s beauties never pale
Walking through the world-0

V5) Step we gaily to the store
Bundle buggies carry more
Footsteps never sound a roar
Walking through the world-0

V6) Step we gaily to the bus
Travel low cost – no fuss
Speedy transit is a must
For walking through the world-o

V7) Step we gently on the earth
Valuing her priceless worth
Pollution-free as at her birth
Walking through the world-o
CHORUS: Come along and walk with me
Many wonders we will see
Sidewalks are the place to be
Walking through the world-o.