Stop Gun Violence

Lyrics by: Sally-Alice Thompson & Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico Raging Grannies
Tune: My Darling Nellie Gray
Date Written or Updated: 09/20/2018

Orlando and Columbine, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook
Aurora, Parkland and El Paso, too
It’s terrorism, fear and hate,
that Donald likes to stoke
Legislators – What are you going to do ?!
Thoughts and prayers are not enough!
It’s time that we got tough
Stop the killing and the fear and the chaos!
No more murder, no more mourning
for those cut down without warning!
Stop creating all this grief for loved ones lost!

Australia used to suffer from gun violence like this
But they stopped it with some strong regulations
Now they haven’t seen a massacre since 1996
Time for us to pass effective legislation!
Ban all weapons of war!
End the horror and the gore!
Stop the terrorism of white nationals
Ban the silencers and bump stocks
Mandate licensing of guns
Keep all guns out of the hands of criminals

What kind of a society would sacrifice their young
to exalt the rights of gun nuts and their guns?
We must honor human life,
and the right to live in peace
We must value and protect our little ones!
We say never again! We’re going to put an end
to the slaughter and the senseless gun attacks
Reps who sold their souls to lobbyists are going to be gone
and replaced with those who care enough to act!