Stop This Nomination (Amy Coney Barrett)

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Triangle (NC)
Tune: (There Is a )Tavern in the Town
Date Written or Updated: 10/18/2020

There was a time in days of old [days of old]
When justice mattered, so we’re told [so we’re told]
(But now the) cor-por-a-tions own our Supreme Court,
(So say good)bye to women’s freedom to abort.

We won’t be saved by Roe v Wade [Roe v Wade]
Not even if we’re force-a-bully laid [we’re afraid]
(A-nd) you can bet that our health care Safety Nets
Will be stolen from us if they’ve not been yet. 

Environmental regs will go away [go away]
And the First Amendment will become passé [Oy vey!]
(And there will) be more guns to threaten our loved ones
Now the Court’s been purchased by the N-R-A.

If you watched the hearings then you know [then you know]
That Amy Coney Barrett’s got to go [we say NO]
She was picked by Donald Trump just to save his ugly rump,
(So now we’ve) got to stop this shameless horror show!

We used to think that we could just appeal [just appeal]
To a court where we could get a good fair deal [an honest deal]
(But now we’re) fighting for our lives, and if we’re to survive,
(We‘ve got to) stop this nomination — STOP IT NOW!
It’s a gross abomination — STOP IT NOW!
For the future of our nation – STOP IT NOW!


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