Take Us Out of This Nightmare

Lyrics by: Granny Carol
Gaggle: Davis, California
Tune: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Date Written or Updated: 2017

Take us out of this nightmare
Can’t we all vote again?
What has become of De-mo-cra-cy?
Walls and Bans and de-bau..-ch-ery

v.2 (same tune as v.1)
Oh – it’s…Time for ā Rev-o-lu-tion
Time to march in the streets
Time to get Congress to grow a pair
Time to impe..ach the one with the hair

Chorus: Until then, we keep on singing
Calling them out on their lies
For we know what matters and see the truth
With our wise, old eyes.

v.3 (same tune as v.1)
And if they won’t answer our e-mail
If their phones stay off the hook
Town halls they cancel, and doors they lock
Come next e-lec-tion they’re in for a shock

v.4 (same tune as v.1)
Cause it’s time for ā Rev-o-lu-tion
Time to cause their defeat
Time to resist all the hate they spew
Time to persist till we get someone new

Chorus again