Taking a Chance on Nukes

Lyrics by: Sunny Armer
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Taking a Chance on Love

Here we go again,We hear the sirens blow again,
There’s an eerie glow again,
Taking a chance on nukes.

White House policy
Says all our electricity
Needs nuclear energy,
Making their choice for nukes.

They hand out pills for our thyroids
And say we won’t die.
But unless we are androids
Our other glands will fry.

Moth’r Earth, we love her here.
Hijackers flew above her here.
We want no duck-and-cover here,
Taking a chance on nukes.

We know climate change will be global,
From old fossil fuels.
But another Chernobyl
Could warp all our gene pools.

Can you stand this strife?
It feels like walking on a knife.
Let kids live more than half a life!
Don’t take a chance on nukes.

April 22, 2008