The 99%

Lyrics by: Mischa Adams
Gaggle: Santa Cruz
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell

We’re the 99%We’re living in a tent
And what we really want to know
Is where our money went.

My uncle lost his store
Our jobs have gone offshore
There always seems to be enough
To finance one more war.

We worked for 30 years
Through hopes and dreams and fears
They siphoned off our pension funds
To bail out profiteers.

The media’s got it wrong
The people are too strong
It takes more than the filthy rich
To stop this little song.

They took our homes away
Because we couldn’t pay
But even if we paid on time
We can’t trust B of A.

If the system had a heart
If the wealthy paid their part
The schools could offer science and math
And still afford some art.

They can beat us and put us in jail
But they can’t get us off their tail
We are the 99%