The Raging Grannies’ Handy-Dandy All-Purpose Generic Protest Song

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Rochester
Tune: This Land Is Your Land

Here’s our generic all-purpose protest song,
And we can sing it whenever things go wrong.
It’s got no purpose except to protest,
So we sing it loud and sing it strong.

We start by naming the current problem:
Election fraud or profiling Muslims,
Pre-emptive warfare for corporate profit…
We just trot out this handy-dandy song.

Torturing prisoners or global warming,
Or privatizing Social Security;
Or job outsourcing or nuclear weapons…
We just sing out this good all-purpose song.

We’re Raging Grannies, so we’ll keep singing
And we’ll keep raging, our voices ringing.
As we get older we’re growing bolder,
So we sing our generic protest song.

And now we’re coming up to the ending…
That’s where we ask you to join our protest.
Get off your fannies and join the Grannies,
And sing out your protest loud and strong!