The Recycling Excuse

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Dwelling In Beulah Land

Note – While we sing, one gran should step out in finery and mime her important self back and forth, with sunglasses, jewels, fancy outfits and disdain for doing anything. Include expensive looking purse. Makes point more clearly and lots of fun! Link available on Youtube, just type in tune name. VERY SINGABLE.
Can we keep up with the waste
Consumerism leaves us?
Littering our highways
Floating all along our banks?
I would like to help but oh,
I really need some stuff now,
Besides my spending, it props up
the economy!

My lifestyle has leftovers
That I should recycle – but
The instructions are too complex
I don’t know what is what
It’s just easier to toss things
Back to talking on my phone
Believe me, I’m not alone!

2) I’d recycle but you see
I’m really kinda busy
It’s not my fault the packaging
Today is much too much
Besides they need to keep
the product attractive and unbroken
Folks like me appreciate
That extra touch!


3) You are what you wear, they say
I need to be in fashion
Fancy stuff’s required for a lifestyle
At the top
Let the little people sort and set their
bins out, curbside
French manicures – recycling? Who
thought that up?