The War Economy

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: RochesterSoFloNorth Carolina
Tune: 99 Bottles of Beer or any simple tune that works for you

They tell us there’s no money for jobs or health care plans,But there’s always lots of money to make war in far off lands.
We spend it all for war and not for schools or homes, that’s true.
So how’s this war economy workin’ out for you?

We spent three trillion dollars to send our kids to war.
Not all our kids, it’s true, but just the brown, the black, the poor.
They had no hope of finding jobs in the good ol’ USA…
So how’s this war economy workin’ for them today?

It always seems to be the rich who profit from our wars,
They don’t care if we live or die as long as they make more.
They keep our wages low but watch their own climb through the roof,
So how’s this war economy workin’ out for you?

We think that corporations must truly love the poor
In fact, they love poor folks so much they keep creatin’ more.
They slash our pay and benefits and send our jobs off shore
It’s clear this war economy ain’t workin’ anymore.

We stand here in DC today and sing our simple song,
A song for jobs and justice, one nation proud and strong
It’s time to tell the President we won’t take it anymore!
We demand a peace economy…. No more money for the wars!!!