We Are a Gaggle of Grannies, NYC Metro 2009

Lyrics by: Corinne Willinger
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Side by Side

Oh, we are a gaggle of granniesUrging you off of your fannies;
We’re telling you now
We’re angry and how!

No more war!
With all that government spending
To fight wars that are unending,
The country is broke.

This isn’t a joke.
No more war!
The Bush gang kept on lying,
Still haven’t shown remorse.

With boys and girls still dying,
Obama must change the course.
So, we may be a gaggle of grannies,
But we’ve gotten off of our fannies,

We’ll only rejoice for,
We sing in one voice for
No more war!
We really mean it – No more war!

And we mean business – No more war!