We Rage to End All War, updated to include Syria

Lyrics by: Kathy Russell, Sunny Armer, (revision of song by Vicki Ryder)
Gaggle: Detroit/NYC Metro
Tune: Solidarity Forever

We’re the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand
Against the senseless killing raging in Afghanistan,
Iraq is still a quagmire and Syria won’t be grand.
We rage to end all war!

No more military action!
We declare dissatisfaction
With greedy politicians who make war with nukes and guns
We rage to end all war!

We put away our knitting, tuck the grandkids into bed,
Throw on our shawls and aprons, put our hats upon our heads.
We stand up for the casualties whose blood is being shed.
We rage to end all war!


No more militarization!
We are raging at our nation
For spending all our taxes to destroy, exploit, and kill.
We rage to end all war!

We stand here on this street and wonder at the sad disgrace
That civil liberties have disappeared without a trace!
We’re tired of old lies! We must put Congress in its place!
We rage to end all war!


With Obama in command
We’ll continue our demands
With Granny clothes and voices strong,
We’ll fight with all our might

Until we end all war!