We’re the Women

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: I’s the B’y

We’re the women who did the work
so men could get the credit.
We said leave it all to us
and wished we’d never said it.

Leave the dishes in the sink.
you sit down and rest dear.
I can do the clearing up.
I can do it best dear.


No, I don’t mind staying late.
I’ll make that last correction,
No, I don’t want extra pay,
you deserve perfection.


I’m sorry that the baby cried.
I’m sorry she upset you.
I’m sorry she threw up on you.
I’m sorry that she wet you.


That was then, but this is now.
We’re wiser and we’re older.
Some might mellow as they age
but grannies just get bolder.

We’re prepared to do the work
but we want more than credit.
Equal pay for equal work
we’ll sing until we get it.