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Jamie Dimon

Chalked the Sidewalk

America The Not-So Beautiful

Getting to Know Them

Our Favorite Things

The 99%


Deck the Capitol

Good News! Occupy Wall Street’s a-Coming

OWS Solidarity Forever!

Occupy the World

O The Malls – They Appall (Don’t help the corporations)

What Shall We Do With Corp’rat Fat Cats?

Occupy Wall Street

When Will Occupy Go Home?

I Want to Be a Corporation

Move Your Money

Move to Amend

Song for the Occupations (“No More!”)

Wall Street Waltz

How Much Are Those Wars?

Corporate Persons Have the Right to Vote

Corporations Run The World

The War Economy

A New Way Forward (Big Banks Just Get In the Way)

How Much for a Bailout?

We’ve Always Paid Our Taxes (Tax Day 2010)

Corporations Are Persons Now!

Fat Cat’s Song

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

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