A Lion Stirs Tonight

Lyrics by: Lee Stanfield
Gaggle: Tuscon
Tune: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Date Written or Updated: 8/28/18

In this na-tion, this migh-ty na-tion, a  Li-on stirs to-night.
In this na-tion, a mass-ive move-ment op-pos-es the far right!
            (G#)  Poli-ti-i-i-i shuns who take corp‘rate funds
                 be-wa-a-are your ca-reers are now done!
There’s a pash‘nate pro-gress-ive move-ment sweep-in’ ‘cross this land
as those tired of be-ing robbed by the weal-thy take a stand!
                     Your Tee-ee V ads can’t fool us now!
                 We’ve see-een through them and here’s our vow:
We’ll kick out all you corp‘rate pup-pets who’ve thrown us ‘neath the bus!
We’ll vote on-ly for those who are a-ccount-a-ble to us.
                         We-e-e are the new pro-gress-ives!
                 We-e-e are no long-er pass-ive!
                     We-e-e greatly out-num-ber you!
(very slow)       Yo-o-or… reign is… now… clear-ly… through!

Sung by some, in the background throughout the entire song:

                      Vote ’em out. ( X2)
                        /                            \
Vote ’em out. (X2)               Vote ’em out. (X2)
                                                                          Vote ’em out. (X2)