A Place For War Resisters

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: The Farmer And The Cowman

War Resisters have to leave their countryOr die out in some desert in I-raq
Lies come down from the top
While the U.S. plays world cop
We want to hear these troops are coming b-ack!


War Resisters have a place here
War Resisters stand with pride
Canada’s a long tradition
Their concerns won’t be denied!

V2) I’d like to say a word ‘bout resisting
How hard forsaking friends & home & family
The leaving of their land
Means they need our helping hand
So they can do the same for others, someday


V3) Continue to ensure our land’s a safe place
To protest war, to sing and march and write
Every single voice they hear
Well it really matters, dear
To keep our borders open in the f-ight!