Addam’s Family Condoms

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: The Addams Family

(Should be done lighthearted and over the top – like the teachers out of the room)They’re latex and they’re rubber (Everyone hold one up and stretch it)
They’ll help you like no other
Don’t use them? What a nutter!!
It’s condoms now for me
(Addam’s family noises here)
v2) They just aren’t controversial
They don’t need a rehearsal
Without them – no reversal
It’s condoms now for me!
(Addam’s family weird imitations here)
v3) No condoms? What a rookie! (Make stay away gestures)
It’s icky and it’s ooky
Not using them is spooky
And AIDS may come for me!
(Addam’s family noise)