Advice on Canadian Economy

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: After The Ball (Chorus)

They say the recession’s overBut Canada’s still flat broke
Ottawa wants suggestions
From us ordinary folk
How can they slash their spending?
Where can they find more dough?
Here are some useful suggestions
From Grannies who oughta know:
2) First of all, push the senate
Out of their comfy chairs
We don’t need to pay them pensions
Too many are millionaries
Stop handing plum appointments
To Yes men and party hacks
The money to pay their expenses
Comes off the taxpayer’s backs.
3) Stop making grants to the companies
That make lots of dough from war
Stop propping up the rich folk
And blaming things on the poor
Chase up the corporations
For tax they don’t want to pay
We can’t get away with excuses
So why in the hell should they?
4) Cut government expenses
We cannot afford caviar
Stop all paid ads that tell us
How wonderful governments are
Remember what your Grannies told you
Before you face budget day
Don’t spent if you can’t afford it
‘Cause some day you’ll have to pay.