Affordable Housing

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Triangle (NC)
Tune: Sweet Betsy From Pike
Date Written or Updated: 08/09/2019

There are too many folks sleeping out in the street,

Clutching their bundles through the cold or the heat;

No place to call home and no blankets or bed…

They’re lucky if some of them even get fed.


When wages are too low to pay the high rent,

And folks are left homeless — not even a tent,

It’s time for a change, and on that we agree.

More affordable housing is what we all need.


In this prosperous country, now wouldn’t you think

We could house all the homeless as quick as a wink?

If we weren’t spending billions on weapons of war,

We’d have affordable housing for all of the poor.


In Rochester city it’s time to get down

And to feed and to house all the poor in our town.

We must fight against poverty, not ’gainst the poor,

So that no one goes hungry or homeless no more!