Ain’t No Sunshine Since He’s Here

Lyrics by: Lee
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone
Date Written or Updated: 07/22/18

           Ain’t no sun-shine since Trump’s he-e-ere.

            On-ly dark-ness ev‘-ry da-a-ay.

            Ain’t no sun-shine since he’s here

            and it fills our hearts with fear

            that he’s plan-nin’ a long sta-a-ay.


              This man stole our e-lec-tio-io-ion.

               We can’t let him get a-wa-a-ay

               with Su-preme Court se-lec-tions

               that let big cor-por-a-tions               

              have all things go-ing their wa-a-ay.

                        I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know

                        this seems like a wast-ed thou-ou-ought

                        ‘cause our Con-gress has been bou-ou-ght .

            But u-nite-ed we are stro-o-ong.

            We’ll re-sist, block, and de-la-a-ay.

            It don’t mat-ter ho-ow long

            we will fight all of his wrongs

            ’til this con man’s locked a-wa-a-ay!

(Slowly and deliberately

               Come No-vem-ber we’ll have our sa-a-ay!