All Kinds of Sex Safely

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: It Wasn’t God Who Made Honkytonk Angels

*it is important to know that safe sex isn’t just condoms. Healthy attitudes towards sex and the ability to improvise for the elderly and disabled, all play a role in this important part of life.
There are many good kinds of sex out there
And the safe ones the only kind for me
All the love in the world cannot help you
If you love whom you love, carelessly!

1) There are hand jobs and blow jobs, positions
Who’s on top? who’s on first, who’s with me?
Just as long as the proper precautions
Keep me safe from disease and pregnancy!
2) O sex is both healthy and normal
Hormones make me get hungry for more
But first I’ll take charge of what happens
Before that first knock upon my door
3) O I dream of the one I am loving
How we two can express all we feel
I’ll learn just how to satisfy, safely
Then I’ll know, that with us, all is well