American Congress

Lyrics by: Lee
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: American Woman
Date Written or Updated: 06/24/18

A-mer-ican Con-gress

and the GEE O PEE-EE-EE

You’ve made a me-e-ess

of the land of the free-ee-ee!

            Stop blamin’ your mistakes on us

            that just makes us wan‘na cuss!

            Let’s just set a few things straight!

            It’s you and your cro-nies who’re on the take!

Now you li-is-ten

to what we sa-ay

For each en-ti-tle-ment

we’ve had to pa-ay!

            You’re so stu-pid you just don’t get

            that’s what’s meant by “en-ti-tle-ment

            We pay mon-ey for you to hold

            n’ give back with in’trest when we get old!                                           

It’s you poli-ti-i-shuns

who’re on the public do-ole

and on the si-ide

you’ve sold your so-oul!

            cor-po-ra-tions pay you well

            to drive this coun-try straight to hell!

            when you re-tire it piss-es me

            that you’ll still get tax-pay-er mon-ey!

 And fur-ther mo-ore

ya’ wan’na cut our hea-ealth care

to make up fo-or

your tax reform wea-ealth care.

            Well y’ bet-ter hope that the e-lite few

            real-ly will take care of you      

            cause we’ll be kick-in’ your asses out

            in e-lec-tions this fall… with-out a doubt!