Lyrics by: Sunny Armer and Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: NYC MetroRochester
Tune: The Marines’ Hymn

From the fall of Lehman Brothers to the fall of AIG,We will bail out all investment firms and insurance companies.
For we bankrolled lots of S&Ls, but screwed Enron employees,
So if your house has been foreclosed, don’t ask for our help, please.

If Katrina blew your house away when you lived in New Orleans,
And we gave you toxic mobile homes and we washed away your dreams,
Don’t come whining to the White House now, or to the Capitol Dome.
We’ll deregulate the USA ’til the rich own all the homes.

If you get sick, don’t come to us, ’cause we don’t give a damn.
And your pensions tanked? That really stank, but don’t look to Uncle Sam.
We are giving all your taxes now to the fat cats, they’re our friends.
And there’s nothing you can do at all; corporate welfare never ends.

Oh, we’re laughing all along the way to the bank that we now own!
‘Cause there’s no more regulation on those mortgages and loans.
Oh, we have no funds to fix our schools, or our roads or libraries.
Seven hundred billion down the drain while we bring you to your knees.

Well, McCain has six or seven homes ’though he isn’t really sure;
And Sarah’s wardrobe cost more than my house plus yours and yours.
Oh, deregulation’s quite a scheme, and there’s nothing you can do….
Unless we get out there and use our votes to turn all those red states blue!