Bankruptcies and Casinos

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Yellow Rose Of Texas

Banruptcies and casinosAre on the rise today
Might there be some connection
Throwing hard-earned bucks away
It onces was hard to gamble
When to Vegas you must fly
But put one in our backyard
How can you pass it by?
2) Why do they call it, ‘gaming?’
Instead of gambling
A new name for an old vice
Sounds like its a smokescreen.
You can talk about your high-toned clubs
and sing of profits high
But put in a casino
And watch our downtown die.
3) It’s the sweetest little deal
Our [province] ever knew
They make far more from every hand
Than charities ever do
You can talk about your millionaires
They didn’t get that way
By betting ‘gainst their food and rent
Let’s tell them, ‘NO,’ today!