Battle Hymn of Aging (adapted)

Lyrics by: Action League
Gaggle: San Francisco Bay Area
Tune: Solidarity Forever

We’ve reached the age of sixty-five, our golden years are here.They tell us that the age begins a happy new career.
For now our Uncle Sam becomes our permanent cashier
As we go marching on.

Holy Moley it’s our MON-ey
Holy Moley it’s our MON-ey
Holy Moley it’s our MON-ey
we paid when we were young!

And when each month a check arrives, we’re happy it’s been sent.
Enough to buy a BIT of food and maybe pay the rent.
And after that some folks are broke and left without a cent
But they go bravely on!


We don’t know how you make it, as you live from day-to-day
With income fixed and prices up, there’s always more to pay.
So minding our arthritis, let us march and sing and say
Let’s all go bravely on!