Battle Hymn of Aging (adapted)

We’ve reached the age of sixty-five, our golden years are here.
They tell us that the age begins a happy new career.
For now our Uncle Sam becomes our permanent cashier
As we go marching on.

Holy Moley it’s our MON-ey
Holy Moley it’s our MON-ey
Holy Moley it’s our MON-ey
we paid when we were young!

And when each month a check arrives, we’re happy it’s been sent.
Enough to buy a BIT of food and maybe pay the rent.
And after that some folks are broke and left without a cent
But they go bravely on!


We don’t know how you make it, as you live from day-to-day
With income fixed and prices up, there’s always more to pay.
So minding our arthritis, let us march and sing and say
Let’s all go bravely on!


See VIDEO here of three social security songs including this one. Brief introduction of songs by SF Labor Chorus precedes the SF Raging Grannies “on stage”.

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