Battle Hymn of Women (revised and updated)

Lyrics by: Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico
Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic
Date Written or Updated: 09/29/2021

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the fire of women’s rage
kept smoldering for centuries, now flaming in this age
We won’t go back to hangers, and we will not be enslaved!
We’ll keep on marching on!

Now women-hating men attempt to occupy the land
They legalize misogyny, just like the Taliban
They’re terrorizing women and they’re called Republicans –
Their tyranny be damned!

Rise up, women! Join together! Turn the tables on oppressors
We shall not retreat – not ever! For women’s time has come!

Religious zealots bully women with Medieval rules
They think they’re doing “God’s work” but they’re only being tools
They’re stooges for the power brokers – and their scheme is cruel
But we won’t be subdued!

They want to take us back to when the only rights were men’s
They want to choose how many kids we have and even when
And what we wear, from burkas to bikinis, just for them
Those old ways we condemn!

We’ll keep raging in these rallies No more dying in back alleys!
We are free and ever shall be! For women’s time has come!

So listen, boys – our rights will not be taken or postponed
Our bodies are inviolate: a government-free zone!
My bedroom and my right to choose are mine, and mine alone
For we shall not be owned!

The patriarchy’s over now, we claim our rightful power
Let’s build a new society, with caring at its core,
and never raise our children to be fodder for men’s wars
For women’s time has come!

Rise up, women! Join together! Solidarity forever!
We shall not retreat – not ever! For women’s time has come!