Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?

(Sung for Michael Moore’s Capitalism, A Love Affair)
Oh dear! What can the matter be?
We’re still suffering a rotten economy.
Jobs have dried up and so has the money.
Our future has bitten the dust.

Wealth trickles down, the economists told us.
Wow! What a lot of boloni they sold us!
Even a child would know it was bogus.
Be careful where you put your trust.

Just to bail out the guys who began it
we’ve had to pull back from saving the planet.
Funding for arts – we’ve had to can it –
we’re told we have to adjust.

It’s not just because we backed the wrong horses:
we gave up our way of life and our resources
to greedy old men who revered market forces –
capitalism’s a bust.