Carols for a Hurting Christmas

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw, Kingston, Ontario
Tune: Here Comes Santa Claus, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, No Place Like Home For Holidays

Carols to help you cope with Christmas
(Tune: Here Comes Santa Claus)

Here comes Christmas
I can’t handle it
Expectations by all
Parties, laughter, children singing
Friends who come to call
I’m learning how to say to all
I don’t feel merry & bright
But with your support
I’ll make it through
Another long Christmas night!

(Tune: I’ll Be Home for Christmas)
All those drunken Christmases
All those years of pain
We can put behind us now
Not visit them, again.
You & I are grown now
We can find a way
To keep those drunken Christmases
From killing us today.

(Tune: No Place Like Home For Holidays)
Wish that you had a home for the holidays?
Reach out your hand to those you see in pain
A happy family may be something
that you never had
Friends can help you start a better life again.