Change? What Change? (A Granny Rap)

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: SoFlo
Tune: Rap or use 99 Bottles of Beer if you must

[We know that brown’s the new black is a hip way of saying that we’re up on the trends of the day. If you have a concern that this  line might possibly be misinterpreted as referring to race, then by all means change it….)
We Grannies are hip to the trends of the day
And we know that brown’s the new black;
We know there’s a change in our government
And George is now Barack!

We heard he’ll fix our economy
With a roarin’ stimulus,
Create new jobs and cure our ills…
But here’s what troubles us:

Obama’s still talkin’ ‘bout goin’ to war;
Afghanistan’s the new Iraq.
But wherever our armies are fixin’ to go,
We Grannies say “Bring ‘em back!”

We thought that things would change a bit
With Obama in command,
And it makes us rage that he’s fixin’ to send
Our troops to Afghanistan.

Sending our troops to Afghanistan
Is a crazy thing to do.
They routed the Brits and the Soviets
And they’ll kick our butts there, too!

How many more of our good kids
Will die on foreign shores?
Obama or Bush, we see no change
When it comes to these God-damned wars!

How many civilians of other lands
Will die for imperial aims?
How many lives will we snuff out
For greedy corporate gain?

Afghanistan or Pakistan…
War is so yesterday!
We voted for change, not more of the same.
So end all wars today!