Clayoquot Jail Song

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: Home On The Range

(What we can learn from this early gran song is a piece of our history, the strength of grans who were jailed for their peaceful beliefs and their commitment).
You have to serve time for the terrible crime
Of protesting the clear cut of trees
Let’s hope you go to jail
where there’s male and female
and the guards are as decent as these
CHORUS NCC Brannon Lake
Where they serve you pizza and cake
If you play by the rules
And don’t act like fools
It’s not such a hard place to take
2) It’s boring for sure
There are locks on the door
And a few guys don’t like us at all
But a jail’s like life,
You can make your own strife
Just give them a smile and walk tall