Cleaning Out the Lies

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: SoFlo
Tune: Whistle While You Work

[I wrote this song to be sung on the day before Obama took office, when anti-Bush demonstrators were staging a “smudging” ceremony at the White House.]
We sweep and sanitize
To clean out Bush’s lies!
He thought that he could fool us
But we’re Grannies old and wise.

We’ll sing it loud and clear:
Bush played upon our fears.
He lied so we’d support a war
That’s been draggin’ on for years.

We’ll sweep until we’re clean
Of right-wing corporate schemes.
They made a profit on the war…
That really is obscene!

Eight years was far too long.
It’s jail where Bush belongs!
And when the people find their voice
He’ll sing a different song!

Good riddance, Mr. Bush!
We’ll help you with a push
Right through the White House door.
Don’t let it hit you in the tush!

So off to work we go!
Give Bush the big heave-ho!
We’ll clean out all his bullshit (and)
Give change a chance to grow!