Climate Change (Rima’s Song)

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The glaciers are melting, the seas, they are rising

And people are sweltering, as temperatures soar

The land is disappearing, as oceans are encroaching

The people are fleeing, away from the shore.

In Congress they bicker, too stubborn to dicker.

While earth’s getting sicker, they don’t do a thing.

The problem’s wide-ranging: the climate is changing,

And it is endangering, our lives as we sing.


We must be aware, that unless we take care

That our planet so fair, could become a dead stone

The polar bears are dying, some people are crying:

We must stop denying, climate’s altering our home.

Ig-nore nay-sa- ers bla-ther, let’s work hard together

To stab-lize the weather, and tamp warming down.

Without any derision, let’s take the decision

To curb our emissions, before cities drown.


(Bridge melody to end)

If we don’t pay heed, our children will need
To pay for our greed: with lives hot and mean.
I hear we’ve only 20, years left to change plenty
Or else, not so gently, we’ll fade from the scene.

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