Come Ride The Bus With Me

Lyrics by: Catherine Verrall Regina, Sask grans
Gaggle: Regina
Tune: Early One Morning

Early one morning, just as the sun was risingI walked to my bus stop and waited for my bus
Birds were singing
My body was humming
Exercise, deep breathing
While walking to my bus
v2) People were chatting, the driver cheerily helping
Strengthening community
While travelling by bus
No driveway shovelling
No gas guzzling
Saving seven thousand
While traveling by bus
V3) Every time I ride the bus, I give to you a present
One less car trip
With all its hidden costs
Less for road maintaining
Less for water’s cleaning
Less cost and misery
From crashing in a car
V4) Every time I ride a bus, I give the earth a present
More healthy greenery
More kids can breathe free
Climate change emissions
In remission
Come along my neighbour now
And ride the bus with me!