Coming Down The Wind

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Paper Roses

(Brackts indicate where you could add a different issue)[Environmental laws] they have deceived us
With loopholes that we dumbly overlooked
[Now toxic burnings can be mixed with cement]
And downwind? Well, we guess our goose is cooked
Toxic burning! Waste emissions!
Oh how dangerous we know they be
But they’re legal
And they’re [Lefarge]
And they’re coming down the wind, to me.
2) I moved way out of town to raise my children
So they could breathe the clean, crisp, country air
But now we’ve got a [cement plant with toxcins]
Forgive me but it really isn’t fair!
3) I pick my issues carefully, it’s my time
Community concerns, our parks and schools
I never thought I’d have to come and stand up
To comopanies that make up their own rules!