Corporations Are Persons Now!

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: RochesterSoFlo
Tune: Bicycle Built for Two

Bribery, bribery now is the law of the land.Cor-por-a-tions can do what once was banned.
The Supremes have set a precedent,
Now Wal-Mart can be president,
’Cause business has rights
And to their delight
Cor-por-a-tions are persons now!

Fair campaigning now is a thing of the past.
Those with money own the elections at last!
They’ll buy all the TV ad time,
And run their swiftboat ad slime.
They’ll offer no proof;
To hell with the truth!
Cor-por-a-tions are persons now!

When will the Democrats do what they said they’d do?
Say NO to health insurers and rich folks’ tax breaks, too?
Say NO to more war spending
And troop deployment unending.
It’s change they swore
They voted for,
Not cor-por-ate personhood.
(So let’s) get out and fight
With all of our might,
And do what we know we should.