Corporations Run The World

Lyrics by: Sunny Armer and Corinne Willinger
Gaggle: NYC Metro/WOWW
Tune: California Here I Come

Corporations here they come, causing pandemonium.Supreme Court, rewards them, and lets them expand.
And now that, they’re unleashed, our elections they’ll command.
They can make us cower more. They can buy their power more.
All their greed can flower more. Corporations run the world.

Great big banks are here to stay, Wall Street firms won’t go away.
They’re better, than human; can’t go to jail.
And Congress, preserves them, saying they’re too big to fail.
Elections should not be bankrolled By companies with lots of gold.
Votes should not be bought and sold. Corporations run the world.

Haliburton, here it comes, causing pandemonium.
TransOcean, and BP, drilled for more oil:
They flooded, the whole Gulf, and now all life there is despoiled so
We must stop their power now, Stop their oily shower now,
Make this their last hour now. Let the people run the world!

Jobs are going up in smoke.
States and towns are going broke,
Our highways, and bridges, need major repairs,
But Congress, insists that, they haven’t got a buck to spare.
Make corporations pay their share, And tax every billionaire;
Our deficit will disappear, Let the people run the world!