CSIS, CSIS (Canada’s FBI)

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: Ja-da

CSIS, CSIS, Canadian SecurityCSIS, CSIS, Watching over you and me
If you’re a union worker
Who is lonely and blue
There’ll always be somebody
Who’ll listen to you
It’s CSIS, CSIS, Canadian Security!
2) CSIS, CSIS, What a bunch of real fun guys
CSIS, CSIS, Protecting us from Commie spies
Giving up their weekends and working nights
In spite of being hasseled by
The Charter of Rights
Oh CSIS, CSIS, Canadian Security.
3) CSIS, CSIS, They’re a bunch of active snoops
CSIS, CSIS, Infiltrating peaceful groups
Even Raging Grannies ‘gainst Nuclear Subs
Ended up on their list of subersives
Oh CSIS, CSIS, Canadian Security
OH YEAH! (One person in Louis Armstrong style) Watching over you and Me (Everyone)