Daisy Wants an EV

Lyrics by: Granny Jeanette (modified from Bicycle Song, Raging Grannies Songbook 1993, unknown Gaggle)
Gaggle: Davis, California
Tune: Daisy Bell/Bicycle Built for Two
Date Written or Updated: 2019

Daisy, Daisy,
Marry me – say “I do”.
We’ll make our get-away
On a bicycle built for two.
For ev-e-ry mile we don’t drive,
We help to make our Earth thrive.
We’ll take a hike; we’ll ride a bike!
Our en-vir-on-ment will love you!

Michael, Michael,
I have a diff’rent plan.
Let’s get an electric car;
Then you will be my man!
We won’t spew out C-O-2,
And I can save my hairdo!
Just plug it in, then we all win!
In our E-V I’ll feel just grand!