Dandelions Are GOOD For You

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Puff, the Magic Dragon

We made a dandelion costume out of yellow & green garbage bags & had a can of raid chase it around during the two last verses. You can get young people to do this.
Dandelion flowers are a little sign of hope
Whoever poisons them on lawns would have to be a dope.
Or else someone who doesn’t know
what dandelions do
For our insides and our outsides and for our whole world too.
2) When dandelions are all grown
Their puffy heads turn grey
And with my breath I blow their fluff
and watch it float away.
And in the spring it comes again
For us to pick and eat
A yellow dandelion lawn
Is Mother Nature’s treat
3) If every lawn grew dandelions
Our air would be so sweet
Our tummies would be happy
They would tickle all our feet.
Every flower stands on guard
To help us day by day
I’ll have a dandelion lawn
Where you can come and Play!
tune: Jeremiah was a Bullfrog
Dandelion lawns now
For the boys & girls now
No more poisons in the deep blue sea
Lawns for you and me!
Repeat 3 times, clap and form conga line
then chant We love dandelions!