Days In The Sun Recycling

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Let The Lower Lights Be Burning – old gospel

1)For the health
Of our dear planet
We would keep it
Safe and well
That means we
Will all recycle
Reduce our footprint
Bravely tell –

Keep our planet
User friendly
Grow our gardens
Plant our seeds
Help the world
To see our planet
Asks our help for
Many needs

2) Have you thought,
‘It doesn’t matter?
I am just
A single one?
How could what
I do affect much?
As our days turn
in the sun?
It is all of us together
Finding ways
To waste less stuff
Keep our garbage
Out of landfills
We can see
They’ve got enough

3) So my friend
Let’s help recycle
Drive our cars less
Ride a bike
Speak up always
for our planet
And tell waste to
Take a hike!
What a great time
In our lifetime
To see good change
Going on
See us talking, sharing
As our days turn
In the sun!