Dear Old Mother Earth

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder adapted from original
Gaggle: Rochester
Tune: I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railraod

You’ve been throwin’ all your garbage In the city dump!
Don’t throw away the baby diapers,
’Cause they’ll sit there in a lump.
Our water’s getting real polluted,
There’s not enough to drink.
If we sit here doing nothing,
Our world will really stink!
You know what to do, it’s really up to you!
Tell the polluters that they need to stop!
If we don’t follow through, by twenty-twenty-two,
Our dear old Earth will blow her top.

We keep building nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants,
But where, oh where, will all the waste go?
We can’t just stick it in our pants!
It’s seeping into all our water
And making us all sick!
Let’s convert to solar power.
We must do something quick!

Acid rain just keeps on falling on trees and lakes and streams,
We can’t keep burning fossil fuel
It’s much worse than it seems!
We’ve got to switch to solar power
Or windmills, they’re good too!
The future of our dear old Mother Earth
Is really up to you!