Doo Dah Cuba!

Lyrics by: Judy Halley and Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Rochester
Tune: Camptown Races

We’re the Raging Grannies singin’ our song,Doo dah, doo dah,
Our Cuba policy is wrong,
It’s got to change today.

Say “No” to the blockade!
Let commerce go both ways.
And let us travel freely there –
That’s the American way.

It’s time to end the travel ban;
Let’s all be free to travel there
’Cause that’s the humane way.

Say “No” to the blockade!
Let commerce go both ways.
Let us build a friendship bridge,
And bring them medical aid.

We’re told that we can’t travel there
’Cause THEY don’t have freedom.
But if WE’RE not free to travel there…
Then what have we become?

Let’s send them food, not bombs,
And school supplies today!
And let us lift the travel ban
Let’s help them on their way.

Gonna roar all night,
Gonna rage all day!
We’re here to cheer for the Caravan.

“Let Cuba live,” we say!